Poem: Throughout the ages, the darkest of times


Throughout the ages, the darkest of times

horrors and horrors, agonies of lives,

moments of terror, fright and despair,

nobody’s listening, nobody hears.


It’s all a big gathering of inflated lies,

Showing off the shiny side, to the looking eyes,

turn this way, turn that way, show it all off,

maybe they won’t notice the other side at all.


If they see the sparkly glitter, they won’t see the glue

the sticky fragile dots scattered all over you,

holding it all together, the broken bits and pieces,

the shattered existence, sharp edges never decreases.


You may think the underside can never be exposed

yet the mosaic of color is not all that they know,

Your pottery is brown, the earth from whence you come

the being, your essence, has now come undone.


So distant are you from your cloak now,

you see yourself no longer,

So far away is your body casing,

Your feelings wandered, you are wasting.


There from afar, you see their piercing gaze

they check to see you through the filth, the haze

they wonder if that is you, or only the shadow left behind,

they realize you are gone, you have lost your mind.


What is left is only your mark, your imprint, your design,

the only investment in the life and your time,

without you there, they are free to see it on its face,

ponder, to question, or simply erase.


Just let it be, let them do, let them work,

it is of no relevance to you for sure,

They are only from the world that once was,

you are in a better place, time for applause.

It’s Not Every Day

It’s not every day,
that you know you have the power
to succumb to the pressure
like a dying flower.

It’s not every day,
that you can step away from it all
and wonder how far down you can fall
as you bang your head in the nearest wall.

It’s not every day,
that you have anything left to say
or one more reason to pray,
or wish to stay.

But it is today,
that you are still alive and well
survived the night, in decent health
and that is a tribute to your enormous strength.

Because today is your day,
where the sun shines over your acre,
and you are like the force of nature,
with your personality’s sparkling splendor.

Today is the day,
that you bare the truth,
without saying adieu,
you know that you are still you.