Perfect Pitch – Pros & Cons

Singing in chorus with perfect pitch, is like doing a paint-by-number, where only you can see the lines. People watch you and exclaim, “wow”, but you can’t understand what the wow is about. However, trying to read sheet music while playing it on the piano at the same time, is like reading Japanese with your eyes, but speaking the translation in English, out loud, on the fly. Without practice. However, if you fumble at first and go back to the beginning to do it again, you find yourself not looking at the Japanese words really, but reciting the English version from memory.

Some people are just not meant to be molded into the rigors of an antiquated teaching system. Those with perfect pitch are usually the ones who come to that realization after falling through the cracks.

Don’t teach me. I’m done trying to learn your way. Stop telling the blind man to “try harder, you can learn to see better”.

Here’s my Youtube channel of my piano playing. 
Good-bye sheet music!