Validation Celebration

They hug you and pat you on the back,
they tell you, “everything will be okay”,
but they don’t base that on a fact,
it’s just the thing they need to say.

Those uttered predictions do not console,
as they float on the wind with no cloud.
They need substance binding it to hold,
so that soft empathic words become loud.

Validation will become tangible,
when every dog has his day,
and your morning becomes lovable,
and you can finally sing, “Hurray!”.

When you hear the puzzle piece click into place,
and the truth rises to the top,
you erupt with a smile on your face,
knowing that your worried thoughts will stop.

You are out of the murky algae-doomed ocean.
and you now see the moon turn blue,
you allow yourself the range of emotion,
that defies how others know you.

You persevered because you cared,
you felt worthy of personal elevation.
You pushed along, while others feared,
it is validation worthy of celebration.


One thought on “Validation Celebration

  1. On this day I began a rapid transition into psychological adulthood. My New Year’s Day resolutions, uttered while driving on the New Jersey Turnpike, were to live within light and to interact with my environment, which is a two way street. Thus far I have been living and fulfilling this creed.

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