Oh, the blessings of the youth,
As they believe it is the only truth,
To be young and fresh and feeling alive
Into new endeavors blindly they dive.

Able to wear trendy shoes,
Skipping gaily at good news.
Hiking up the steepest trail,
Passing every school test without fail.

Squatting in the sandbox,
Eating bagels and salted lox.
Remembering phone numbers,
Embracing technologies of the future.

Oh, the happiness of the young ones,
Living their day without knowing what comes,
Believing their fulfillments are perfect today,
Not knowing that better days are here to stay.

The longest years are life spent away from youth,
The years of developing and becoming you,
To be alive and strong in the wisdom you earned,
Finally knowing the reasons for everything you learned.

Wearing arches in your comfy shoes,
Crying without shame at the good news,
Motorized scooters while taking a hike,
People listening to you, without a mike.

Watching the seagulls at the beach,
Enjoying a banana without your teeth.
Closing your cellphone as the sun sets,
Your worries you may now forget.

For it is within this long stretch of years,
That you can listen without using your ears,
And see what is around you without your eyes
And know what it is when somebody cries.

And being older and wiser is best,
Your experience can be put to the test,
and how you conducted yourself as a guest,
In this temporary world, until you are laid to rest.

One thought on “Youth

  1. me says:

    love it! so shall I look forward to losing my teeth, my hearing, my vision? will I then, and only then, have true vision, true hearing?

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